• Is there a deadline to submit a video? Yes, it’s April 12th 2020. So don’t wait and send us your video today!
  • Do I need a good microphone and camera? No! Simply use your phone camera if that’s all you have. Of course if you have a nice microphone, feel free to use it! We will do our best to make you all sound great.
  • Is it open to everybody? Yes, no matter your level as long as your playing or sining reasonably in tune and in rhythm. The gesture will mean infinitely more than technical prowess. 
  • Is the video going to be monetized? No, this is a non commercial project and the video will never be monetized.
  • Where should I record? Wherever you want, but try finding a place as quiet as possible.
  • How are you going to edit all those videos together? We will figure out something… But if you have want to help with the video editing feel free to reach us (you will be credited of course).
  • When where will the video be released: it will be released on our YouTube channel and immediately posted on this website. We will do it as soon as possible but it will depend on how many videos we have to edit and how much help we can get. Subscribe to our email list to be kept up to date and not miss the release: https://cdn.forms-content.sg-form.com/fddf89c2-7753-11ea-ba6f-763aeb19d721

For any question please email us at: humansvscovid@gmail.com