Amazing Grace

Virtual Choir Project

The video has finally been released! Thank you to all those who participated, and please share it with the world!

Thank you for considering joining our Amazing Grace project! The whole world is fighting a common enemy that somehow managed to force most of humanity into confinement despite being invisible.

The goal of this project is to overcome physical separation and seize the opportunity to unite our hearts, to heal our divisions (another invisible enemy no less dangerous), and to give courage to those that are on the frontline! 

To do this we will create a YouTube video with hundreds of humans, across the globe, performing together an arrangement of Amazing Grace for choir and orchestra.

How to participate?

  1. Choose either one of the 4 choir parts, or one of the instrumental parts (you can find the complete list of neeed instruments at the bottom of this page).
  2. Download your part and the audio using this website menu. Singers, you can use either the complete audio, or a version of the audio with your voice in the foreground to help you learn the part.
  3. Film yourself performing the part. Start the video a few seconds before your first note and please keep it running for a few seconds after the last note. Play following the audio and make sure you are using earphones! Feel free to add a very short message or gesture of encouragement at the end of the video, we might choose a few to end the video.
  4. Send the video (or video + audio) to before April 22 2020. If it’s too large you can use the free service By sending us the video you accept to appear in the resulting video, as explained above. If you don’t want to be visible in the video but still want to participate, feel free to send us only an audio file. We promise we won’t use the videos for anything else.
  5. Invite other people, and ask them to spread the message. Especially if they are in other countries, this is a world wide project!
  6. Follow the project’s progress by subscribing to our email list (we won’t spam you):
Time left to submit your videos:

List of instruments:

  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet in Bb
  • Bassoon
  • French Horn in F 1
  • French Horn in F 2
  • French Horn in F3
  • Trombone 1
  • Trombone 2
  • Bass Trombone
  • Tuba
  • Timpani
  • Clash Cymbal
  • Suspended Cymbal
  • Snare Drum
  • Low Floor Tom / Low Taiko and similar
  • Bass Drum
  • Violin 1
  • Violin 2
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Contrabass
  • Soprano (voice)
  • Alto (voice)
  • Tenor (voice)
  • Bass (voice)

Being given the nature of the arrangement some instruments play much more than others. All our apologies to low brass and woodwinds! When several parts are available, choose whichever one you want as long as it is adapted to your level. We will update the list to show what’s more needed.